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Hey I'm G!

I'm an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for helping people build businesses they love, find inner confidence, and crush fears that come up along the way.

The traditional way of doing things wasn't for me. I knew I had so much to give the world and the usual career path didn't speak to my soul. So, I found my passion and jumped into entrepreneurship with both feet...

It's been a crazy ride...

I started my 1st business at 25...
Grew it to over $1M by 26...
Started my 2nd business at 27...
Went on Dragons Den and got a deal...
and so much more...

Now I want to show other entrepreneurs my tools, tips and techniques. I've worked with 500+ new and experienced entrepreneurs and have helped my students go from minimum wage to over $100k income per year and business owners quintuple their growth (that's 5x!)...

Get ready to begin breathing in success, because once you make the choice to go after what you want, there's no turning back.

I can't wait to show you more!

- G

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