How to Conquer the Fear of Starting

Starting a business, especially for the first time, is scary...

No doubt about it. However, we have to push past fear if we ever want to reach success. So many promising business ideas are never brought to life because we let fear win. Starting is the scariest part, and often once we get past this everything else doesn’t seem so scary and unattainable.

Our goal at Simple Growth is to help you maximize your potential and create something incredible, and we do this by first getting over the fear of starting.

Let’s start off by defining fear and understanding its power.


Fear has a lot of control over our lives. It’s almost like it has a grip on us and will only let us go so far. What really is fear and why do we let it have so much power? An acronym we use to describe fear is...

F - False

E - Evidence

A - Appearing

R - Real

Fear is just that. False evidence appearing real. When we fear our business will fail, we have no actual evidence that it’s going to happen. We have made up fear in our heads and given it its power. We also have the ability to take away its power if we follow the right steps to overcoming it. 

Here are the steps to overcoming fear so you can get started on your path to success:

#1 Name the fear

What is it you’re actually afraid of?

Is it disappointing someone? Disappointing yourself? Maybe financial instability or losing your status? By naming the fear you are targeting it and pinpointing exactly what’s holding you back. This is the first step to overcoming your fear and creating a strategy to approach it, take away its power, and understand that you’re stronger than any external uncertainties that may be holding you back.

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#2 Imagine what it would feel like if you stepped into that fear

Envision what it would feel like to step into your fear and actually succeed?

Walk yourself through the best case scenario and see if that shifts how you feel about whatever’s holding you back. You probably feel proud, hopeful, and full of joy. Hold onto those feelings to help you tackle your fear.

#3 Practice and prepare

Now that you’re feeling excited and ready to make a move, it’s time to educate yourself, practice and prepare to create an action plan that’ll best help you to step into your fear. This could be by reaching out to someone and asking them for help (book a consult call with us, we’d love to help!), reading up on best practices, or getting yourself to a place where you can feel confident and capable. 

We each build confidence in our own way, but when looking to get over the initial fear of starting a business some great ways to step out of your comfort zone and build confidence are: networking at events, reaching out to industry professionals, taking online courses and programs, and vocally putting your idea out there in order to make it a reality.

#4 Take action

The big one, and also the hardest one, taking action. You just need to do one thing to start building that momentum and get you face to face with your fear.

Maybe it’s talking to a potential investor about making an investment in your business, reaching out to us with your questions, asking your potential target customer what they think, or calling a supplier you may need.

You just need to make the first call, take that first step, and you’ll be well on your way to get the ball rolling.

#5 Assess results, learn, and make changes

Now that you’ve faced your fear and made the first move, how do you feel?

Obviously things don’t always go perfectly the first time around, but the more we step out of our comfort zone and try, the less scared we become. With every step you take in cultivating a business you will learn new things, face new challenges, and grow stronger as an entrepreneur. 

We are here to guide you and ensure you take the proper steps that’ll lead you to success. Starting a business is hard enough in itself, but even harder to do when you feel like you’re all alone.

There is a world of possibilities out there and enough success to go around, it’s time for you to step into your power and get started on your path… don’t worry, we’re here to help!

About the Author

Giovanna Minenna is a Co-Founder of Simple Growth as well as the Founder of Brows by G and Browluxe. She has been recognized for her entrepreneurial accomplishments in national publications and with numerous awards. G has a passion for supporting young and first-time entrepreneurs.